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GC Coupling


1DTorque is fully transmitted even if misalignment of shaft center or vibration

2DWhen misalignment or tilt of connected shafts occurs in operation, it will be
   automatically adjusted. As no extra load is applied to shaft and bearings,
   machine is well protected.

3DIt is a flexible coupling using crowning gear and has high wear resistance and

4DAs it is separated from center case, its assembly and removal are easy.
   Moreover, as it is compact and light, the mounting space can be minimized.

5DUnlike other types of flexible coupling, misalignment of rotation angle between
   two shafts caused by deflection of coupling cannot happen. It is suitable
   for the joint of line-shaft, high-speed usage and heavy-load usage.

Features of M Series

1DThe shapes are the same as SS/SE/CC/CE types of gear coupling in JIS
   B1453. In catalog, there are 4 types, which are added gGCh before andgMh
   after JIS code such as GC-SSM, GC-SEM, GC-CCM and GC-CEM, as well as
   these other types;GC-SMM, GC-SAM, GC-CAM, GC-MV, GC-SV and GC-EEM.

2DThe size number indicates the diameter of coupling case. Bore diameter of
   shaft is in compliance with JIS, while coupling overall diameter is made more
   compact. When compared with JIS coupling, therefore, the product is more
   compact in size and lighter in weight, contributing to your cost savings.

3DAs coupling center is longer compared to coupling case width, shafts can be
   easily aligned by moving the coupling case within the range of boss length.
   This size also makes the teeth inspection easier.

4DThe type GC-SMM for mill motor is in compliance with JEM-1109 standard.

5DUpright types (GC-MV, GC-SV) and spacer types (GC-SAM, GC-CAM) are
   standardized with the oil seal cover to prevent oil leakage from key way.

6DThe type MH, whose transmission capacity is increased by heat treatment, is

7DThe sleeve type GL, which is made more compact, is also available.

8DGC coupling and its parts are in good stock to be supplied immediately through
   our sales network. The sleeve type GL, which is made more compact, is also

Types of GC Coupling M Series
GC-SSM type
GC-SSMH type
GC-SEM type
GC-SEMH type
GC-CCM type
GC-CCMH type
GC-CEM type
GC-CEMH type
GC-SMM type Equipped with oil seal cover GC-CMV type
GC-CMVH type
GC-SMV type
GC-SMVH type
GC-SV type GC-SAM type
GC-CAM type
GC-EEM type GC-GL type
Construction of GC Coupling
    GC coupling is constructed by the mesh between internal spur gear of the Coupling Case and crowned external
    spur gear of the Coupling Center. Having involute tooth profile and special design for top and bottom of the teeth
    considering tilt and lubrication, it will ensure uniform speed and smooth power transmission even if a slight tilt
    occurs between Case and Center.
    Having two gear meshes, GC-SSM and GC-CCM can always keep the Case in the neutral position and transmit
    power smoothly despite offset alignment, angular misalignment and axial gap.
    Having single gear mesh, GC-SEM and GC-CEM can accommodate angular misalignment and axial gap. As shown
    in Figure 5 on page 8 of its catalog, normally two units should be applied in combination using a floating shaft.
2DMajor parts and their materials
GC-SSM type   GC-CEM type
GC-SSM type
GC-SEM type
Part name GC-CCM type
GC-CEM type
‡@Carbon steel Coupling Case Carbon steel
‡ACarbon steel Coupling Center Carbon steel
‡BAlloy steel Reamer bolt Alloy steel
‡CNitrile rubber ›-ring Nitrile rubber
‡DAlloy steel Oil plug Alloy steel
‡ECarbon steel Rigid Carbon steel
‡F- Side cover General-use steel
GC Coupling Flexibility
Figure 1
Parallel offset
Figure 2
A section shows a gear
mesh under offset and
angular condition
Figure 3
Contact between internal gear and
external gear teeth in meshing
    When offset misalignment exists, the coupling gear tooth tilts by tanƒÓ=ƒÂ^L as shown in Figure 1.
    When the shafts are concentric, the gear tooth is in contact at the crowned tooth center (Ro) as shown in Figure
    3(a). However, when the shafts have offset or angular misalignment after installation,the gear tooth comes into
    contact at the point (R) away from the tooth center as shown in Figure 3(b).
    The larger the tilting angle is, the remoter point goes away from the center. Thus, the contact on arced surface
    ensures free and smooth meshing between internal gear and external gear under offset and angular misalignment.
    Our GC Couplings are designed and manufactured to have adequate crowning and backlash so that they can work
    freely and smoothly within allowable range.
Examples of misalignment
a. Parallel offset b. Angular c. Offset + angular d. Axial gap
Application Examples
Roller table Pump Paper mill
Rolling mill Heavy-duty crane