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   Product Information  

Gears, bearings and screws have been called as gthree major elements of machineryh, and played big roles in the industry. In particular, gears have greatly contributed to the development of industry and culture being used to water wheel, water mill and water clock.

With advancing technical innovations, gears have been drawing keen attention as the most efficient transmission system for high-speed rotation and powerful transmission of various machines in recent years.
Based on the abundant experiences for over 90 years as the leading manufacturer of gears in Japan, SEISA has acquired international-standard technologies and achieved splendid results.
SEISA has developed its products in order to perform the basic function of gears, always transmitting powers between driving machine and connected machine at the 100% level of satisfaction for both machines, and solved universal themes such as downsizing, lightening, high-efficiency and high-precision rotation.
At present, SEISA products are working in various fields, getting high reliability from all clients.

SEISA will make continuous efforts in developing new products of gears and gear equipments to be the leading
manufacturer of power transmission system in reality and in name.

 Keep promises of the quality and the delivery date requested by clients.
 Provide valued products to client.
 Make continuous efforts in technical development to improve customer satisfaction.

All employees of SEISA will do our best for all clients to make better use of our products.